APRIL             Open by appointment.

6 1-5pm Opening
6-31 Gallery exhibit 'About Face' - Featuring new art from new artists
and new art from familiar faces revealing a
variety of interpretations of faces . . . of all kinds.

3 1-5pm Open
1-24 Gallery exhibit 'About Face'

1 1-5pm Opening
1-31 Gallery exhibit 'eroticART' - A collective show exposing various artful interpretations in many forms that blurr boundaries of personal discretion. Join us for an afternoon of hot live music and cold beverages, beautiful art and delicious eats.

5 1-5pm Open
1-26 Gallery exhibit 'eroticART'

2 1-5pm Opening
2-30 Gallery exhibit 'Inside Outside' - A rare, exclusive exhibit providing a glimpse inside the intuitive art referred to as 'Untrained, Naive, Folk, Brut' and what is also known as 'Outsider' art. A unique genre that is gaining respectful awareness and initiating dialogue around the question, 'what is art?' Come and absorb live music, spoken word, good food and beverage and a meaningful time of creative community.

7 1-5pm Open
1-28 Gallery exhibit 'Inside Outside'

10-11 1-5pm Opening
11-30 Gallery exhibit 'Selected Works' - An annual exhibit showing a collection of selected works from a variety of gallery artists. Give the gift from the heART that lasts forever. This is also ''Art in the Woods'' weekend and a great opportunity to see other local artists in their studio.We'll have mimosas, coffee and hot cider pastries to accompany your creative journey.

DECEMBER   Open by appointment.

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Contact us to make reservations for a private or group showing at info@crescendagallery.com
or call us at: phone/fax 360.297.4223.