JANUARY - APRIL   Open by appointment.

7 1-5pm Opening
7-31 Gallery exhibit 'V2' - The art of Verondi Havens and Veralyn Villanueva. Art that celebrates the prolific colors, and renewed textures of springtime.

4 1-5pm Open
1-25 Gallery exhibit 'V2'

2 1-5pm Opening
2-31 Gallery exhibit 'D3' - An exclusive showing of art by Gerald, Rosemarie and Burk Dowell. Join us in honoring and sharing the art, stories and collective creativity of a beautiful family of 3 artists spanning 2 generations in the Northwest.

6 1-5pm Open
1-27 Gallery exhibit 'D3'

2 1-5pm Opening Enjoy live Jazz by the acclaimed saxophonist and flautist Mark Lewis and his quartet, with spoken word, good food, beverages and a meaningful time of creative community cultivating great ART!
2-30 Gallery exhibit 'The Art of Music' - an Art Jam! - Art and Music come together to share artistic, improvisational responses to each other's expressions in a variety of original and collaborative forms.

1 1-5pm Open
1-29 Gallery exhibit 'The Art of Music'

11-4/2018 Gallery exhibit 'Selected Works' - An exhibit of unique and original art by a variety of Crescenda Gallery artists.
11-12 1-5pm Open during 'Art in the Woods' self guided art tour.
Come by for great art, hot cider, mimosas and snacks.

DECEMBER   Open by appointment.

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Contact us to make reservations for a private or group showing at info@crescendagallery.com
or call us at: phone/fax 360.297.4223.